Okinawa Tourist Excursion

I call this a tourist excursion this time because I took the normal tourist route of a packaged tour to a traditional tourist destination. While I normally don’t go for the package trip, due to the fact that the nature of the travel industry in Japan makes it costly to DIY by purchasing the bits […]

Tokyo Island Adventure

I have long been reading about the Isuzu Seven Islands which are actually part of Tokyo. They are actually very close – the closest, and the largest of the seven islands is Oshima. You can get there by a 25 minute flight from the Chofu airport in the suburbs west of the city, or by […]

Trip to Murakami

This is Part III of my trip to Niigata. The first night that I arrived at Niigata, I went to an izakaya bar and by chance met an Australian guy that was at the bar. Since there are not so many foreigners in Niigata, we stuck up a conversation. It turns out he is an […]

Trip to Sado Island

This is Part II continuation of my trip to Niigata. I was surprised how cheap the ferry was – only ¥4,500 for the round-trip journey. You can purchase the ticket at the terminal, by a ticket window or automated kiosk. I chose the automated kiosk. It was only in Japanese, but still pretty easy to […]